Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Calcium content in oats

Eating more than the serving size for a moderate or low-calcium food will make it a higher-calcium food. Foods made with high-calcium ingredients will also be high in calcium.

One cup of instant oatmeal contains about 100 to 150 mg of calcium. A balanced diet including calcium is needed to keep human bones healthy and to prevent fractures.

Calcium helps to prevent osteoporosis—a disease that can result in bone fractures, breaks, and eventually even surgery. Calcium is super important for muscle function and it also helps your body to regulate nerve signals, blood clotting, and even human heartbeat.

Oat bran and also wheat bran contain phytate, which reduces mineral absorption under some circumstances. Calcium nutriture has been proposed to be adversely affected by some fiber supplements, and the chances for this might be greater if a relatively large amount of a single fiber source that also contains phytate was consumed.

Fermentation is an ancient and economical process for producing and preserving food products. It is found to provide health benefits by reducing the non-nutritive compounds such as phytates in cereals. This reduction in phytate results in increase in amount of soluble iron, zinc and calcium.
Calcium content in oats

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