Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Protein content of corn

Corn has the lowest protein content of the cereals (7.1%) but a high starch content (65.7%) and a fiber content of 1.5%. It has the highest fat content of grains or legumes (4%).

The protein contend of corn is inversely related to starch content and grain yields. Bulk density is related to increased starch content when other factors are constant.

The amount of nitrogen in the soil, and when it is applied significantly affect protein content.

The development of hybrid strain has improved the yield of field corn, which is lower in protein than wheat, and like all vegetable protein, including wheat, corn is deficient in some amino acids and so does not provide a complete protein for humans.

Corn is especially deficient in the amino acid, but a variety of high-lysine corn has been developed that may eventually have a great impact on human nutrition on some parts of the world.
Protein content of corn

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