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Oats flour

Milling produces oat flour. Oat flour contains a natural antioxidant that increases the stability of oat flour.

Ground from whole grain oats, oat flour lends a slightly sweet flavor and a tender texture to baked goods, reducing the need for fat and sugar.

Use of oats in bakery products is quite limited because oat flour contains no gluten, However, oat flour can be mixed in relatively small portions with other flours and thus impart a distinct flavor.

Rich in fiber and nutrients, oat flour also improved the nutritional profile of foods when substituting it for part of the white flour in recipes. Like oat bran, oat flour retains moisture in baked goods, reducing the need for fat.

Since natural antioxidant contained in oat flour, the substance finds for preserving certain foods, such as peanut (groundnut) butter, oleomargarine and lard that contain fats.

Oat flour also has been used for dusting potato chips and salted nuts, as well as for a coating on papers used to contain fatty products such as bacon and coffee.

Widely available in health food stores and many grocery stores, oat four can be made at home by grinding quick-cooking oats in a blender or food processor. One cup of oats will make about ¾ cup of flour.
Oats flour

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