Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Bread flour

Bread flour typically is milled from hard red spring wheat kernels, with high protein-to-starch ratio, and is capable of holding a lot of water – 2 cups flour holds 1 cup water. It can produce the largest loaves of any flour, because it has a high amount of protein.

Hard wheat yield flour that is high in good quality protein. Such flour has high water absorption power (WAP), good mixing and fermentation tolerance and good gas retention power, and are excellent for bread making.

Protein becomes gluten and forms an interlocking network of elastic strands that trap the gas produced by yeast, causing the dough to rise. Without gluten, raised bread is hard to imagine.

Wheat is the only common cereal grain that contains sufficient glutenin and gliadin for the formation of good-quality gluten for bread making.

Bread flour produces stronger dough. The strong gluten matrix provides structure to rising dough and gives the end product a nice, chewy texture.
Bread flour

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