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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Corn flour processing

Modern corn mills can produce a variety of grits, meals and flours. Corn milled for flour (corn meal) is cleaned, as is wheat the moistened to a water content of 21%. The germ is removed mechanically.

The endosperm is then dried to moisture content of 15% passed through crushing rolls, and sifted to remove the bran.

With the use of sieves, milled corn is separated into grits (largest-sized particles) and meals and flours (smallest sized particles). They are fried at 65 °C and cooled before packing. The flattened germs are used to produce corn oil.

Among many other industries, maize starch has its feet firmly placed in the high growth Indian food industry. Maize starch or corn starch or corn flour is avidly used in processed food industry majority in products like bakery, beverages and confectionery.
Corn flour processing

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