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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Climate for oats cultivation

Oats (Avena sativa L.), while difficult to process, are relatively simple to grow in the northeast. Oats area and production in the World are about 27m ha and 40mtones, respectively. Countries cultivating oats widely are Russian federation, USA, Canada, Poland, China, France and Australia.

They do very well in cool, moist climates, grow quickly, and are able to tolerate mild frosts. They can be sensitive to hot, dry weather from head emergence through to maturity. For these reasons, world oat production is generally concentrated between latitudes 35 – 65°N.

In regions with temperate climates, oats are variously spring, winter and/or autumn sown depending on regional climatic conditions, crop rotation requirements, end use and other farming practices. In warmer regions, spring type oats are sown in autumn to avoid summer heat and drought.

Because oats do well in cool weather and can tolerate light frosts, they should be planted as early as possible, once the ground is workable.
Climate for oats cultivation

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